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Holiday Spending Around the Corner

Holiday Spending Around the Corner

With the holidays fast approaching, people are eager to buy presents for their loved ones, go on vacations, have fun, get new clothes and items.

Do you believe you can get past the holidays without breaking the bank? It can be easy to overspend around the holidays, but with a little preparation and discipline, you can celebrate without blowing all of your money or maxing out all of your credit cards. To avoid getting sucked into holiday shopping and to guarantee that you stick to your budget for the coming year, use these 6 tips to control holiday spending.

1. Create spending boundaries for the holidays

Limiting your purchases to only those that can be made securely using money from your bank account without using up your credits is a good one. Setting up a budget and spending restrictions that you’ll adhere to can help you avoid credit card debts.

2. Compile a personal list for presents

Only Santa has an endless list of presents, not you.  Reduce the amount of persons on your present list if your purchasing list contains more people who are not members of your immediate family or people you don’t really have to gift.

After that, you can make some cookies or bake holiday treats to deliver to everyone whose names you removed from your first gift list. By doing this, you’ll make sure to share holiday cheer and avoid coming off as a stingy person.

3. Keep your spending in check

This is not the time to let peer pressure get to you. Holiday season comes with an easy reflex to want to overspend and get what everyone else is getting. You need to constantly remind yourself that you will eventually bear the consequences for overspending and going beyond your budget.

4. Start collecting coupons and coupon codes

You can also find excellent prices on the gifts you wish to buy for your family or friends outside of sales. Before you start shopping online, quickly scan the web for coupon codes for your preferred online retailers. Savings can be achieved simply by keeping an eye out for offers.

5. Give your time as a gift

Perhaps nothing would make your parents or other distant relatives and friends happier than a visit from you. Of course, you shouldn’t go empty-handed,  you could get a drink, a scarf, or something else on a budget. Knowing that your actual gift is your time, they will appreciate it. 

6. Shop early enough

Shop early enough

The prices of items will start to go up; it’s better you start your shopping early enough so you can save some money on some overpriced holiday items.


Don’t let your debt mount up and ruin your holiday. Spend time with your loved ones, choose gifts based on your heart rather than cost, and keep your credit card balance low so you don’t have to worry about debt all year long. If you can keep to these tips, you’ll be singing “Joy to the World” and having money left in your bank account for the New Year.

Also, if you are battling debt currently and need relief before the holidays, feel free to contact us. At EmpireOne Credit Solutions, we help individuals that are struggling to get out of debt. Our debt experts are patient, friendly, and non-judgmental. You don’t have to experience a boring holiday because of overwhelming debt. Reach out to us for a free consultation, and let’s help you out.

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