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How can a credit counsellor help you with financial planning

How can a Credit Counsellor help you with Financial Planning

You do not have to navigate your financial goals alone. Many financial professionals can help you achieve financial goals through hands-on support and expert advice.

If you are focused on paying off debt, repairing your credit, and building a financial future, a debt expert may be the right person to help you reach your goals. 

A  credit counsellor can help you navigate your financial journey beyond debt management. They can help you save money, create a budget, find relief from debt, help you build your credit, and start working towards all your financial goals. 

When you work with a credit counsellor, they will focus on your entire financial situation, not just your debt. They will figure out all your available options and help you determine the best route forward. 

A  credit counsellor can offer their expertise and hands-on support in many aspects of your finances, including: 

  • debt management, 
  • budgeting, 
  • credit repair, and 
  • overall money management. 

Debt Management

Debt can be overwhelming and impact your overall lifestyle, affecting your stress levels, your habits, relationships, and how you spend your free time. 

Paying off debt is often the first step of a journey to create a better financial future. 

A  credit counsellor can work with you to look at your current debt and provide you with the options that will work best for you. They can then help support you throughout your journey. 

Working with a credit counsellor, can help you create a customized debt management plan to fit your financial needs. 

Your credit counsellor can work with you to create a tailor-made debt management plan that may help you with an action plan for your debt.


A budget that can be a great tool to help you manage your debt. 

However, individuals may find it hard to follow a budget because it may be difficult to do it or they feel a budget is unrealistic. 

A budget is a plan to make the best of every dollar you have at your disposal. If you have a well-crafted budget, it can help you decide how much money you can allocate to paying down your debt every month, to help you get out of debt quicker.  

When you work with a credit counsellor to pay off your debt, they can also provide you with expert advice on how to create a better budget.

They can take a look at your income, and help you manage upcoming expenses so that you can pay off your debt as quickly as possible. 

A credit counsellor can be a trusted advisor who can help you create a budget that works for you!

Build and Repair Credit

If you have been struggling with debt, now or even in the past, making late payments or missing payments altogether, inevitably, will affect your credit score. 

Your credit score can be a significant financial metric that can help you with your future financial goals, such as buying a home or taking out loans for other financial dreams.   

Once you plan to tackle your debt and have built a good foundation, you can start to focus on your credit score. 

Unfortunately, credit scores cannot be improved overnight. They require hard work and commitment towards better money management habits. 

A credit counsellor can help you to: 

  • Navigate your credit report
  • Understand your credit score
  • Create an action plan to repair your credit 
  • Be your support in building your credit

Money management 

Debt can be vicious. Many debtors find themselves in an endless cycle of debt. 

Once you have determined the best solution to tackle your current debt, it is important to have the right tools and resources to avoid getting back into debt and financial hardship. 

A credit counsellor can help you navigate your entire financial situation. They can support you in setting up a budget, creating a plan to save for emergencies, and even investing in your future goals. 

Work towards your financial future 

Credit Counsellors can be supportive partners for your financial future

They can help you find the best options to tackle your debt. And they can guide you to build better financial habits. They can support you as you build a better foundation for your finances through budgeting, managing your money, and helping you rebuild your credit.  

These habits will help you get out of debt and stay out of debt so that you can focus on your goals and financial future. 

Our Credit Counsellors at EmpireOne Credit can help you take control of your finances and build a solid foundation to reach your financial goals. Whether you’re looking for debt solutions, repairing your credit, or support for managing your finances, our Credit counsellors can put you back on track, you owe it to yourself. Contact us for a free consultation. Debt free… feels good! 

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