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Debt Counselling in Markham, Ontario
Personalized debt and credit counselling in Markham
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Building your debt-free future

Enjoy a debt-free life with the help from EmpireOne Credit Solutions. Fill out and submit “Get a free quote” form for debt counselling in Markham. All information submitted is kept confidential. We can help you obtain financial freedom from your overwhelming debt and other credit management issues.

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Markham’s Trusted Credit Counselling

Debt-related problems can be embarrassing and frustrating. At EmpireOne Credit, we educate and empower our customers by helping them make financial decisions. It is not just about temporary relief from financial problems but creating a secure future for yourself and your family. Share your financial concerns with our credit counsellors in Markham and get the answers to all your questions.

  • A debt relief plan that meets your financial goals

    What works for others may not work for you. We will work with you to create a customized monthly payment plan for you and give you the confidence to move towards a better financial future. Request for a free consultation with us to discuss what debt solution is best for you.

  • Excellent credit solutions

    We closely assess your financial situation and answer any financial concerns or questions you may have. This gives us insight into how you are managing your budget currently and what can be done to restore your financial future. Giving you the best option possible.

  • Preventing future debt crisis

    Debt counselling is not a one-time process. It may take repeated sessions to sort out your current situation. We provide professional financial solutions to help you lower the risk of financial mismanagement and create a secure financial future for you and your family.

How to manage credit issues?

Managing debt is not easy. Either you are employed or running a business of your own, debt problems can arise with anyone. As there are a growing number of creditors and lending institutions in the industry, that makes it easy to obtain credit.

Here at EmpireOne Credit, we will help you resolve your debt and credit issues so you can enjoy financial freedom and have peace of mind that you deserve. It may seem challenging at first, but it is possible if you have professionals like us to guide you through the process.

Rebuild your credit card rating with a well-thought-out debt solution. It may take some time but you’ll eventually get there and attain the freedom from a prolonged debt crisis.

Still unsure? Talk with  our credit counsellors in Markham who have the knowledge and experience to provide you with a solution to obtain financial freedom.  We put client confidentiality at the top, so you can let your apprehensions rest.

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Credit Re-Establishment

There are options available to you as a consumer to help you re-establish your credit, regardless if you filed a consumer proposal or bankruptcy.

Some of these options are:

  • Pay all essential bills on time (i.e. phone, cable, rent, utilities, etc.)
  • Apply for a secured credit card.
  • Pay more than the minimum payment on your credit card.
  • Have someone co-sign a future loan whom you know and can trust.

Beacon Score

  • Excellent Credit Score — 750+
  • Good Credit Score — 700 – 749
  • Fair Credit Score — 650 – 699
  • Poor Credit Score — 600 – 649
  • Bad Credit Score — Below 599
  • Too new to rate; approved but not used
  • Pays (or paid) within 30 days of payment due date or not over 1 payment past due
  • Pays (or paid) in more than 30 days from payment due date, but not more than 60 days, or not more than 2 payments past due;
  • Pays (or paid) in more than 60 days from payment due date, but not more than 90 days, or not more than 3 payments past due;
  • Pays (or paid) in more than 90 days from payment due date, but not more than 120 days, or not more than 4 payments past due;
  • Account is at least 120 days overdue, but is not yet rated “9;”
  • Making regular payments through a special arrangement to settle your debts;
  • Repossession or surrender;
  • Bad debt, bankruptcy, placed for collection, or moved without giving a new address.
About us

EmpireOne Credit Solutions is dedicated to helping clients in the Greater Toronto Area who are struggling with debt and financial hardship. EmpireOne Credit’s passion is derived from the knowledge that the situation isn’t always as bad as it seems. EmpireOne guides their clients toward the best options possible, whether that is a debt consolidation, a consumer proposal or declaring bankruptcy.

Regardless of the path taken, EmpireOne Credit is proud to help clients every step of the way.

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Browse through these FAQs to find answers to commonly raised questions
about credit counselling.

Credit counselling is a process where debt consultant/s help debtors with their debt settlement by providing financial education, budgeting, and guidance in order to reduce and eliminate their debt.

When you decide to go for credit counselling, a debt consultant/s will go through your entire financial situation. They will figure out all your available options and help you determine the best route forward. They will put you on a debt management plan and give advice about planning, budgeting, and making payments that will help improve your financial situation to prevent it from happening again in the future.

Getting a free consultation by simply talking to a debt consultant/s  won’t affect your credit score. Once in the program, it may bring down your score, depending on what your credit score is currently. Taking control of your finances and paying off your debt will outweigh any temporary dings to your credit score.

In a credit counselling program, you are paying back the full amount of debt owing. There are fees that vary depending on the agency, but there’s typically a set-up fee and a monthly fee based on a percentage of the debt owing, with the additional payments to your creditors.

Credit counselling sessions may vary in length depending on each client’s particular circumstance and the process that needs to be taken. Generally, counselling sessions should last approximately 60 minutes plus.