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Overdraft and Lines of Credit

Lines of credit and overdraft protection can be a useful tool if you need to cover expenses in case of an emergency.

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Pay off your Lines of Credit and Overdraft Balances

The most significant benefit of a line of credit is the flexibility it provides, which allows you to make withdrawals of cash at regular intervals, make repayments, and borrow again. But it is easy to get trapped in a cycle of revolving debt, barely paying off lines of credit or overdraft balances only to borrow more again.

Want to stop relying on overdraft and lines of credit?

Are you:

  • Constantly in overdraft balance on your bank account?
  • Using your overdraft and lines of credit for day-to-day expenses?
  • Stuck in a cycle of borrowing and paying off the same balances?
  • Paying high fees and hefty interest charges to the bank?
  • Struggling to clear your overdraft balances or pay back your lines of credit?

If you’re feeling trapped in a cycle of continuously paying overdraft with any income that comes in, it’s time to take control of your finances! We can create a customized plan to help you get rid of your bank debt, including overdraft balances and lines of credit quickly.

EmpireOne Credit can help you take control of your bank debt

Our debt experts at EmpireOne can help you end the cycle of borrowing on your lines of credit and having a negative bank account, being in the overdraft.

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Relying on your line of credit or overdraft balances for day-to-day expenses is only a short-term solution. If you are looking for professional advice to help you get out of debt, book a friendly judgement-free consultation with one of our debt experts.

Explore your options to pay off your lines of credit and overdraft balances in Ontario

Our debt experts will walk you through a personalized solution to pay off your lines of credit, overdraft protection, or bank debt. We can help you decide if debt consolidation, consumer proposal, or bankruptcy is the best solution for your financial situation. We only work for you, not your creditors. Let us guide you to a custom solution that works for your needs.

Debt Free... Feels Good!

We are with you, every step of the way, to help you get rid of your lines of credit and overdraft balances as quickly as possible!

EmpireOne Credit offers debt solutions in the GTA and across Ontario.

Our team of debt experts at EmpireOne Credit can help you finally get rid of your lines of credit and overdraft balances:

  • Personalized Solutions: We help you to decide what is the best solution for getting rid of your unsecured debt, whether it is a debt consolidation, a consumer proposal, or bankruptcy.
  • We work for you: We always put the needs of our clients first, not the creditors.
  • Expert Advice: Our debt experts offer friendly advice to help you become debt-free.
  • Free Consultation: Get financial clarity with a private, friendly, judgement-free debt expert. Our debt experts are available via phone, or video call from 9 am-6 pm Monday-Friday and 10 am-4 pm on Saturday.