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Business & Income Tax Debt

Dealing with CRA tax debt can be overwhelming and very stressful! We can help you navigate the right solution when it comes to CRA debt and be free of tax debt.

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Eliminate Your Business & Income Tax Debt

You might have thought you were doing everything right with your business or personal taxes, but find yourself in over your head with a tax bill from the CRA. Many individuals and businesses find themselves with a hefty tax bill and don't know where to turn and get help from. We are here to help. If you owe income tax or business tax to the CRA and are at risk of a lien on your assets, we can help you with a debt solution, freeing yourself from CRA debt.

Need help dealing with Tax Debt?

Are you:

  • Unable to pay what you owe to the CRA?
  • Stressed about the interest and penalties continuing to add up from back taxes?
  • Worried about a wage garnishment?
  • Fear that your bank accounts might get frozen, or you might get a lien on your property?
  • Unsure about tax debt relief options?

Tax debt with the CRA can have stressful and costly consequences when unpaid, and it can be confusing to navigate your options. The longer you wait to pay back your tax debt, the more the interest and penalties continue to add up. The CRA can also withhold tax refunds, seize money in your account, put a lien on your property or garnish your wages. Whether your tax debt is a one-time hit, or has been accumulating over the years; whether you are an individual tax filer, self-employed or find yourself indebted because of your business - it is important to seek help as soon as possible!

EmpireOne Credit can find you relief from tax debt

If you are dealing with financial stress from tax debt, our team of debt experts at EmpireOne can help you find a way out of the burden of tax debt.

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You may be stressed and anxious about tax debt, we are here to help. If you are unsure how to pay back your tax debt, book a friendly, judgement-free consultation with one of our debt experts.

Explore your options to eliminate business and income tax debt in Ontario

Our debt experts will walk you through all your options to be debt-free. We can help you decide if a debt consolidation, consumer proposal, or bankruptcy is the best solution for your financial situation. We only work for you, not your creditors. Let us guide you with a customized solution that will work within your budget.

Debt Free... Feels Good!

We are with you, every step of the way, to help you get rid of your income tax debt or business tax debt to the CRA as quickly as possible!

EmpireOne Credit offers solutions to eliminate tax debt in the GTA and across Ontario.

Our team of debt experts at EmpireOne Credit can help you finally get rid of your business or income tax debt to the CRA:

  • Personalized Solutions: We help you to decide what is the best solution for getting rid of your unsecured debt, whether it is a debt consolidation, a consumer proposal, or bankruptcy.
  • We work for you: We always put the needs of our clients first, not the creditors.
  • Expert Advice: Our debt experts offer friendly advice to help you become debt-free.
  • Free Consultation: Get financial clarity with a private, friendly, judgement-free debt expert. Our debt experts are available via phone, or video call from 9 am-6 pm Monday-Friday and 10 am-4 pm on Saturday.